Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Glasgow's Great Deal - The best deals for consumers...and vendors

Much has been written recently about the emergence of "Deal or Voucher" sites and how they can help or hinder your business: various articles have appeared exposing the risks involved with this type of marketing. A typical example would be the recent article on the BNET blog.

Many of these articles make valid points and expose weaknesses in the various business models operated by these emerging sites; indeed, we are starting to hear problems much closer to home from vendors in Glasgow who are disillusioned over payment terms and the general operating policies of some "Deal/Voucher" sites.

Glasgow's Great Deal has researched the typical issues surrounding this form of marketing, we have listened to many people who have experienced the good, and the bad, side of such deals and we have studied the impact different operating and payment policies have on vendors.

We have taken time to address the issues that concern vendors resulting in a model that allows you to offer the very best of deals with the very best chance of success. Working closely with our vendors, we make sure they know how their particular offer will impact their business often advising them against running too many deals too frequently.  Other differentiating features of our model include; the prompt payment for all vouchers sold whether they are redeemed or not, daily advertising on Capital Radio and, a vendor loyalty scheme which underlines our commitment to each vendor.

Glasgow’s Great Deals want to develop fruitful relationships with vendors and we strive to ensure they know how the deals work and what level of business you can expect.

If you would like to talk to us about how your business may be able to benefit from partnering with us please email us at vendors@todaysgreatdeal.com We will be happy to chat through the options and advise you whether your business offering could benefit from our services. 

Don’t forget, the more people who buy each deal, the better the deal gets for everybody so, Glasgow’s Great Deal is something you should share with all of your family, friends and colleagues. You can use the Facebook and Twitter buttons below to start the ball rolling by telling other people in your on line community about the savings they could enjoy with Glasgow’s Great Deal.

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