Friday, 11 November 2011

CONTINUED FOR MONDAY: Winter Safety Check, Service & More at Strathclyde Tyres for only £8.00

Full Professional Winter Safety and Service check at Multiple Location's and on Any Car. Includes In-Depth Car Health Check PLUS Winter Safety Kit with Screen Cleaner, Scraper, De-Icer and Air Freshener. Normally £24.00, yours for only £8.00

This Great Deal Includes top-up levels, Anti-freeze screen wash and Battery check PLUS Checks on your Windscreens, Wipers Lights & Horn, Indicators, Oil, tyres and fan belt. So get peice of mind this winter and grab this Great Deal.



You Save

and earn £5.00 credit

  • This deal is for a Winter Service and Safety Check with an in-depth car health check.
  • Includes Check and top-up levels, Anti-freeze screen wash, Battery check & top up and Grease terminals check.
  • Includes Windscreen & Wipers check, Lights & Horn check, Indicators check and Oil check.
  • Includes Tyre Inspection & correct Pressure Application, Fanbelt Inspection & adjustment, Exhaust inspection and Report.
  • Strathclyde Tyres has 30 Years Expeirence in the tyre industry and are commited to their customers and keeping them safe and secure.
  • Includes Winter Safety Kit with Scraper, Screen Cleaner, De-Icer and Freshener and 10% OFF any other work on your car.
      Today's Great Deal is at:

      Strathclyde Tyres
      6 Rankine Street
      PA5 8BA
      01505 324891

      Midnight, Monday 14th November

      This Great Deal is valid until 12th February 2012
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      daily deals on our Facebook Page here

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