Friday, 30 December 2011

CONTINUED FOR HOGMANAY: SIXTY Ultimate Carwashes for only £29.00

SIXTY Ultimate Carwashes , including Wheel Wash, Spraywax, Shami Dry and Tyre Dress. Normally £270.00, yours today for only £29.00 (That’s Only £48p each!)
Weather, Mud, Sludge, Splatter. No Fear, wash every day for 2 months with this Great Deal.



You Save

and earn £5.00 credit

  • This deal is for up to 60 separate Car washes to leave your car gleaming.
  • Includes Wheel Wash.
  • Includes Spray on Car Wax.
  • Includes Shami Dry and Tyre Dress.
  • Includes a Gold Card Pass.
      Today's Great Deal is at:

      Ultimate Car Wash
      1439 Edinburgh Road
      G33 4EG

      Midnight, Saturday 31st December

      Your Great Deal voucher will be valid from the 31st December 2011 to the 29th February 2012

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      daily deals on our Facebook Page here

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