Friday, 6 May 2011

Swarovski Dazzle Your Vajazzle + Hollywood Hot Wax. Only £16

New Hollywood Hot Wax Treatment then Dazzle your Vajazzle (the latest in sparkling body art) with a wide selection of designs available, all created with Swarovski crystals.

You will have the very smoothest of smooth skin after your Hollywood Hot Wax Treatment and then you will sparkle with the ultimate in intimate Swarovski Crystal Body art; the now famous Vajazzle, made famous by the the hit TV show 'The Only Way Is Essex'. Choose one from the various exciting designs on offer and you will leave with a brand new outlook, to suit your brand new look.


  • The Hollywood Hot Wax Treatment is designed to give you the very smoothest of skin. 
  • Hot wax consists of beeswax and a resin and the is melted to a thicker consistency than warm wax. This treatment is applied by a qualified beauty specialist. 
  • Advantages of hot wax: Works well on small patches of strong coarse hair.The wax get a better grip of the hair than warm wax. It does not leave a sticky residue like warm wax. It is a good for removing shorter hairs. Possibly more suited to those with sensitive skin. There is less reddening on the skin following waxing. 
  • You then choose from 11 different designs for your intimate Dazzle Vajazzle body art treatment. 
  • Your Vajazzle is professionally applied by the I.M. Beauty Specialist using Genuine Swarovski Crystals. 
  • The Vajazzle application procedure is completely non-toxic.

    I.M.Beauty is a new and popular Salon, based in the centre of Coatbridge. With all the pampering and beauty services you could ever need.

    There is ample free parking on the premises and all the treatments are carried out by fully qualified, trained, and experienced staff

    About Hollywood Hot Wax
    Hot wax depilation has been available over many years but more recently it is not as common as warm wax. Hot wax consists of beeswax and a resin. Hot wax is melted to a thicker consistency than warm wax.

    When the wax is applied to the skin with a spatula, it coats the hair with a thick layer. As the wax cools it becomes firmer contracting around the hair and gripping them tightly. The wax remains on the skin until it becomes opaque in colour-drying to form a slight tacky consistency. It is then pulled off the skin with a fast movement.

    ITV2's cult reality show 'The Only Way Is Essex' has unleashed the term Vajazzle into common usage.

    According to the Urban Dictionary, the term Vajazzle means 'To give the female intimate area a sparkly makeover with crystals, so as to enhance their appearance' - and it's not just Essex girls who can have all the fun.

    Katie Price's Brighton-based beautician Julie Coates at The Lanes Health And Beauty in Brighton reveals she's been inundated with calls from local girls wanting their lady gardens glammed up!

    But she's not letting on if Katie's in the queue!

    According to a recent poll on ITV2, 54% of women say they now want a Vajazzle.

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    6 Laird Street
    ML5 3LI

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