Saturday, 23 July 2011

A family meal for four including wine, beer and soft drinks for only £14.00

A Family Meal for Four. Mums and Dads can Choose from Any Pizza, Pasta or Fajitas, plus a Glass of Wine,Corona Beer or a Soft Drink. The Kids have a choice of Any Children's Main Dish, plus a Soft Drink and Ice-Cream. Usually £33.00, yours for only £14.00

Fun, Friendly Family Time at Kaldi's. Kids can choose from all the Scottish American Favourites. While Parents get the best of Italy/Mexico. A Real Cross-Borders Adventure.



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  • This deal includes a Family Meal for Four (2 adults and 2 children) at Kaldi’s. 
  • The Adults will be able to choose from Any Pizza, Pasta or Fajitas, with either a Glass of Wine, Corona Beer or a Soft Drink. 
  • The Children will be able to choose any Main Dish from the Children’s Menu, Plus a Soft Drink and Ice-cream as dessert. 
  • The expert Chef’s at Kaldi’s always use fresh ingredients to ensure a quality meal. 
  • Let the whole family enjoy a Great Meal out, with everyone having their own personal choice. 
  • Kaldi's also has Outside Dining facilities in their Beer Garden.
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