Tuesday, 4 October 2011

CONTINUED FOR WEDNESDAY: Pharaoh’s Feast for TWO for only £16.00

Pharaoh’s Feast for TWO. Includes Soups, Your choice of Tagine, Plus choose from Grilled Kofta, Ta'ameya or Shawerma. Feast also includes Flatbread, Rice, Tahina & Zabadi dips and a traditional pot of Egyptian Hibiscus Tea. Normally £40.00, yours for only £16.00
Pharaoh's Feast at this Hidden Gem on Bridge Street in the City Centre. Walk in to Nur and the stunning decor will make you feel as if you are actually in Egypt. If you are looking for something different, this deal is the one. Walk like an Egyptian, Talk like an Egyptian, Feast like a Pharaoh.



You Save

Earn £5 for every
  • This deal is for a Pharaoh’s feast for TWO. Your food will be brought out all at once to give you a true Egyptian Sharing Experience.
  • Includes Egyptian Soup Each.
  • Includes Your choice of Tagine to share. Choose from Lamb & Okra; Lamb & Potato; Chicken, Mushroom & Corgette; Chicken & Spinach; Chicken & Potato; or Mixed Vegetables. A Tagine is a richly flavoured Egyptian Casserole, slowly cooked in traditional earthenware pots.
  • Includes Your choice of Chicken Shawerma, Lamb Kofta or Vegetarian dish Ta'ameya served with salad, to share.
  • A Shawerma is Marinated Meat stacked on a skewer, slowly roasted to perfection. Lamb Kofta is Minced Lamb mixed with onion & Egyptian spice grilled for that authentic Barbecue flavour. Ta’ameya is a Large fried Pattie of ground Fava Bean with Tahina Sauce.
  • All accompanied with Egyptian Rice, Flat bread, Tahina & Zabadee dips and a pot of Hibiscus Tea. Bring your own Wine/Beer. Corkage fees payable directly to NUR.
      Today's Great Deal is at:
      Nur Egyptian Restaurant22 Bridge Street
      G5 9HR
      0141 418 0990

      Midnight, Wednesday 5th October

      The deal is valid until 
      5th December 2011.

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