Saturday, 22 October 2011

CONTINUED FOR SUNDAY: Ultimate Girls Princess Pamper Party for 10 for only £75.00

Ultimate Girls Princess Pamper Party for 10 includes Bathrobes and Princess Outfits,Wii Dance and Zumba, Party Games, Hair, Nails and make up, Snacks and Drink PLUS a Party Goodie Bag each to take home. Mormally £200, yours today for only £75.00
Little Girls who want to be Big Girls will love all this fun and attention hanging around getting pampered and partying in the little pink tree house.



You Save

and earn £5.00 credit

  • This deal is for the Ultimate Girls Pamper Party for 10 lasting a full two hours
  • Princess Pamper Party for 10 includes Dressing up in Bathrobes and Princess Outfits.
  • Hair and Nails plus Makeover, Party Games, Wii Dance, Zumba and Decorate and enjoy your own Cupcakes.
  • Snacks, Drinks and a Party Goodie Bag to take home.
  • Party hosted in the Pink Princess Party House.
  • Fully Supervised by the professionals of Fusion Therapies.
      Today's Great Deal is at:
      Fusion Therapies
      228-230 Bank Street
      ML5 1EJ

      Midnight, Sunday 23rd October

      The deal is valid until 
      23rd January 2012
      You can get the
      daily deals on our Facebook Page here

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