Sunday, 6 March 2011

Life Coaching session for £15

Spring into action with a 45 minute telephone life coaching session. Value £60, yours for a life affirming £15 

Revitalise your life, achieve your goals, and reduce your stress with accredited personal coaching company: Fab Life Coaching. Remember you will only pay the lowest price the deal finishes on at the end of the day, regardless of when you buy. 

  • A full 45 minutes of telephone coaching, designed to improve your mental well being and balance. 
  • The coaching team is led by Fiona Muir who has over 20 years experience and accreditation in her field. 
  • You may book a further 3 sessions directly with Fab Life Coaching at half normal price. 
Fab Life Coaching works in partnership with individuals, delivering bespoke coaching packages aimed at promoting their growth.

How can life coaching benefit me? 

Coaching is all about You the client.

Your goals, Your potential, what motivates You, and what stops You

Do you have dreams or life ambitions that you would like support in achieving?

Do you feel stuck in some area of your life without knowing quite what to do next?

Is there something you have been thinking about doing, but find that you keep putting it off?

Visit FAB Life Coaching online. 

Life coaching can help you achieve Your goals 
Coaching is a confidential and dynamic conversation between two people, designed to move one person forward. A coach is someone trained to understand you and your needs and inspire you to take whatever action is needed to get the results you really want in your personal or professional life.

Coaching is not therapy or counselling, its purpose is to focus your attention on taking action rather than on examining and understanding the past.

Success is Any step in the right direction...take the first step today by booking your taster telephone coaching session

The 45 minute taster telephone coaching session is also an deal gift for someone who is looking to make changes in their lives; marriage, new baby, career transition, moving house. See FAB Life Coaching for further ideas of how coaching can help people live their best lives.

A bit about Fab... 
Fiona Muir of Fab Life Coaching is a fully accredited coach with over 20 years experience devising and implementing marketing and growth strategies for a wide range of individuals and organisations.

Fiona has a passion for life and for people expressed by the desire to encourage, support and motivate them to discover and release their individual potential, achieve balance and live their best lives.

...a powerful partnership to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be 
The Fine Print
  • You must call to book your session using your Great Deal voucher code. 
  • Call FAB on 07790016418 
  • You may buy as many of these Great Deals as you like for yourself and as many as you like as gifts. 
  • The Great Deal is Valid from Monday 7th March until Tuesday 7th June.
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