Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Lunch for two for £4.99...

City lunch break for two at the Coffee Loft on Renfrew Street. This Great Deal provides an excellent and very welcome lunch for two. Value £13, yours for only £4.99... 

The Coffee Loft: perched high up at Fleming House allows you to enjoy a break at any time of the day, on any day of the week, with delicious fresh soup, hand made sandwiches, and tea or coffee for two. 

  • Lunch for two includes home-made soup, fresh hand-made sandwiches, and your choice of any Teas or Coffee. 
  • The Coffee Loft is situated in a quiet and intimate City centre location 
  • There is both Indoor and Outdoor seating. 
  • You can use this Great Deal on any day of the week, weekends included. 
Be it a weekday or a weekend this little oasis provides sanctuary from the bustle of the city. Sit outside on a nice day and watch busy passers-by while you sip some fabulous coffee.

Tea break for 2 including; soup & sandwich of your choice with either tea or coffee. Normally costs £13.

1652: First coffeehouse opens in Britain. Coffee houses multiply and become such popular forums for learned, and not so learned, discussion that they are dubbed "penny universities" (a penny being the price of a cup of coffee way back then). So continue your education at The Coffee Loft :)

The Fine Print 

  • No need to book, just take your Great Deal voucher along with you when you go. 
  • You may purchase as many of these Great Deals as you like. 
  • This Great Deal is valid from Wednesday 9th March 2011 until Thursday 9th June 2011.

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