Tuesday, 15 March 2011

To deal or not to deal? ...the reason our deals sell out

We've had one or two disappointed people on this morning who have missed out on the great deal for Marks Hotel today; we're sorry if you fancied that deal and didn't get it, it sold out in record time. We thought it was worth reiterating that Glasgow's Great Deal never oversells any deal so, if you like a deal, you need to make your purchase early.

We do this on ethical grounds and, to protect you the buyer and the vendor. Every deal is discussed in detail with the vendor so that we bring you the very best offer we can but, it has to be beneficial to the vendor and it mustn't have any negative impact on their overall business; selling too many deals has proven to be the downfall of other businesses working with "Deal" related companies in the past.

From your point of view, we limit the number of deals on offer to a manageable and deliverable level; we don't want you to buy any deal that you can't enjoy and feel happy with. If we sell too many of one deal there is a chance it won't be fully delivered, that would be bad for you, for the vendor and, for Glasgow's Great Deal.

We will continue to bring you daily deals that you can rely on for price, quality and delivery and we're sorry if you miss out on something you wanted but we're sure there'll be something for you again soon. Thank you for your interest, we hope you appreciate our policies are designed to protect you.

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