Sunday, 17 April 2011

1-2-1 Bike Training Course for only £5

Get On Yer Bike with this 1-2-1 training course specifically designed to teach you how to correctly use your bike safely and confidently in Glasgow City. Course lasts 1 1/2 hours. Value £22.50 get this Great Deal for only £5.

Start to experience Glasgow the healthy and friendly way by cycling around the beautiful city. Get this Great Deal and learn to ride your bike confidently and safely. Glasgow Bike Station Offers accredited cycling training classes for adults and children. These are focused on safety and will include the basic checks riders need to make before taking their bike into town. All instructors are Cycling Scotland accredited and will guide you through the different steps for safe and confident cycling in Glasgow.


  • A bike and helmet are supplied for your use during the course of this training session. 
  • A full 90 minutes training is given and covers all aspects of safe city bike riding. 
  • The training course also covers correct clothing choices for safe bike riding, route planning, and basic bike operation, repair, and maintainence. 

Visit the Glasgow Bike Shed on line. 

The Training in Detail 
Adult cycle training covers everything from learning how to cycle to work, how to ride a bicycle for the first time, how to accompany your child on the route to school, and how to look after your bike and be an all-year cyclist. A series of courses will teach you the skills you need to cycle on the extensive cycle network and on the city streets.

Their quality-assured and fully-qualified cycle trainers will help you get from feeling nervous and unsure of how to ride, to being confident and competent in your chosen goals in cycling. If you do not have a bike, They will lend you a dutch style city white bicycle and a helmet.

The number of lessons required to achieve city-street riding confidence varies from person to person, but is generally about five hours with an initial skills assessment, bike check and planning session with weekly lessons following thereafter based around a jointly agreed action plan.

Because experience ranges from those who already know how to drive a car, to those who have always been pedestrians, and from those who have never cycled and want to learn, to those who want to brush up their skills to tackle a tricky commuting route, lessons will vary from person to person. Remember – 30 minutes of exercise per day drastically cuts the risk of heart disease. Regular cycling is the perfect way of getting your 30 minutes.

About the Glasgow Bike Shed 
They are a Glasgow based Community Social Enterprise run by volunteers that recycles bicycles from a variety of local sources and promotes safe cycling in town.

Refurbished donated bikes and re-usable parts are reconditioned and sold in the shop. All other parts such as steel, aluminum, alloys, rubber etc are dismantled for scrap and recycled. They also offer bicycle related training at low prices and advice to local communities such as puncture repair, bike maintenance and cycle training. A part of the workshop space will be available to customers two days a week to visit and to use the tools to repair their own bikes under the supervision of their mechanics.

The project is committed to promote cycling and re-cycling in Glasgow.

Their opening hours are: 
Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm for volunteering and donations.
Saturday 9.30 to 4pm for bike and parts sale.
Sunday 11.30 to 4pm for bike and parts sale and repairs while you wait.

Marianne Maxwell 

I was just about to e mail you!  I came to work this morning for the first time on my bike. It took about 30 minutes and I really enjoyed it. I left about 9.20 so the roads were quiet.
I went out a lot at the weekend too, round the southside, so feeling much more confident.
Thank you so much for everything, for the bike and all the help and training and advice. I am telling all my friends about the bike shed.
The Fine Print 
  • You must call the Glasgow Bike Shed with your Great Deal voucher code to book your appointment, and you must take your Great Deal voucher with you when you go for your appointment. 
  • Contact 0141 552 2606 to book your appointment. 
  • You may buy as many of these Great Deals for yourself as you like and as many as you like as gifts. 
  • This Great Deal is valid between Monday the 18th April 2011 and Monday the 18th of July 2011.
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