Wednesday, 14 September 2011

CONTINUED FOR THURSDAY: Handmade Pure Beef Burger with Hand-Cut Chips and Ice Cold Beer for only £3.00

100% Handmade Pure Beef Burger (Veg/Chicken also available) with Hand-Cut Chips. Plus an Ice Cold Bottle of Beer on Byers Road, West End - Only £3!
100% Ground Beef Burger, Hand-Cut Chips and Ice Cold Beer - Take a look at the pics below and Say No More.



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  • This deal is for a Fresh, 100% Ground Beef, Hand-Made Burger. (Veg/Chicken also available.)
  • Served with Fresh-Cut Home Made Chips.
  • Includes an Ice-Cold Bottle of Beer.
  • Ideally Located on Byres Road in the West End.
  • The Common Rooms is a popular, trendy West-End venue.

      Today's Great Deal is at:
      Common Rooms
      71-79 Byres Road
      G11 5HN
      0141 334 7132

      Midnight, Thursday 15th September.

      The deal is valid until 
      15th December 2011 
      You can get the
      daily deals on our Facebook Page here

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