Friday, 23 September 2011

CONTINUED FOR SATURDAY: MOT from Hi-Q Strathclyde Tyre Services at Any Location on Any Car for only £19.00

Full Professional MOT from Hi-Q Strathclyde Tyre Services at Any Location, Any Car, Includes a discount on any extra work needed. Normally £54.85, yours for only £19.00.
You get it straight from Hi-Q. Reliable and Efficient. You can count on it.



You Save



Earn £5 for every recommendation
  • This deal is for a Full M.O.T test and in-depth car health check.
  • Includes 10% OFF any other work on your car.
  • The Staff at Strathclyde Tyres are Fully Qualified and Experienced to provide a quality M.O.T service.
  • Strathclyde Tryes has Friendly Female Reception Staff and will help you with Any enquiries.
  • Deal is available in All 3 Strathclyde Tyres M.O.T Centre’s.

      Today's Great Deal is at:
      Strathclyde Tyres
      6 Rankine Street
      PA5 8BA
      01505 324891

      Midnight, Saturday 24th September.

      The deal is valid until 
      24th December 2011

      You can get the
      daily deals on our Facebook Page here

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      1. This is a great deal to bad there not doing a similar deal closer to me. The Cheapest place in to get tyres in manchester