Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Full Luxurious Arbonne Facial with NutriMinC RE-9 Products only £39.00.

FIVE part Full Facial. Enjoy a Luxurious Arbonne Facial with Revolutionary NutriMinC RE-9 Lotion. Enjoy a Relaxing Pressure Point Head Massage Plus Soothing Hands and Arms Massage. Complete with a Pressure Point Eye Massage. Normally £100, yours for only £39.00.

This luxurious treatment includes cleansing, tone, facial massage, exfoliation all with Arbonne Lotions Serums, and Arbonne Products. Then an anti-aging and rejuvenating Arbonne Mask will be applied to your face. Whilst relaxing with this mask, a soothing pressure point head massage will be applied as well as a hand and arm massage. Once the mask has been removed, Arbonne Serum and moisturiser will be applied whilst giving you a facial, and a restoring pressure point eye massage.


  • This Great Deal is for an Arbonne Facial, Eye Massage and a Pressure point head massage.
  • The whole process starts with a cleansing of the face, which allows the masseuse to then tone your face. Followed by a facial massage all using reveloutionary arbonne products. Including NutriMinC RE-9 lotion.
  • Your skin will then be exfoliated and steamed so that the masseuse can apply the rejuvenating anti-aging Arbonne mask.
  • Whilst the mask is on you will be given a professional pressure point head massage, followed by a rejuvenating arm and hand rub to allow circulation.
  • Finally the mask will be carefully removed and an exclusive serum will be generously applied, your face will then be moisturised, and then you will be given a euphoric face and a presurrre point eye massage.

About Beautylicious
Beautylicious is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Their entire team is committed to meeting those needs.

Beautylicious salon is The Westend's newest freshest up-scale salon.

Opening Hours:
Mon: 10AM - 6PM
Tue: 10AM - 6PM
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Fri: 10AM - 7PM
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About NutriMinC RE9
This product line was the first of its kind to address the “after” effects of sun exposure and aging with a REsult-oriented system of products for face and body. Formulated with 9 key, anti-aging elements, these products have changed the face of anti-aging skin care.

The elements included in the Nutrimin Re9 skincare system include bio-hydria complex (a blend of seven plant nutrients that soften and condition the skin); nanospheres that contain antioxidant vitamins; vitamin C magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, which improves the skin’s elasticity; elhibin and stimu-tex, which improves the skin’s texture and appearance; alpha lipoic acid antioxidant; kojic acid, used to combat sun and environmental damage to the skin; copper, which helps to reduce fine lines in the skin, alpha and beta hydroxy acids; and peptides, which lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

220 224 woodlands road
G3 6LN 
The Fine Print

  • Call the Salon with your Great Deal voucher code to book your appointment. Take your Great Deal voucher with you when you go to your appointment.
  • Contact 0141 333 0666 to make your appointment.
  • You may buy as many of this Great Deal as you like for yourself and as many as you like as gifts.
  • This Great Deal is valid between Thursday the 23nd of June 2011 and Friday the 23nd of September 2011.

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