Monday, 6 June 2011

An update for all of our customers...

Hello, just a quick update for customers of both Glasgow's Great Deal and those awaiting the launch of the Edinburgh's Great Deal site this morning.

We had such an enormous spike in traffic in the last 24 hours that the system crashed and we have had to make some emergency upgrades.  The Glasgow's Great Deal site, which has sold thousands of deals over the past 5 months, continues to grow rapidly with hundreds of new registrations over the weekend, added to that was an unexpectedly high volume of people registering on the Edinburgh's Great Deal site ahead of the launch today which caused the system to crash.

Our engineers have been working through the night to implement some planned upgrades to the system ahead of schedule and we expect to be back online in both Glasgow and Edinburgh by 10am.

Our apologies to all of our customers for the inconvenience cause by this short delay, we hope you will all be happy with the deals we are planning to offer in the future and that you continue to share our sites with your friends.

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