Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Most "Liked" City - Glasgow or Edinburgh, let's have some fun...

Working between Glasgow and Edinburgh, the Great Deal team have come to appreciate the friendly rivalry and banter between the two cities; there have always been BIG unanswered questions like Salt and Sauce? or, Salt and Vinegar?  So, who are the best connected, who are the best networkers, who are the most engaged, who is THE MOST "LIKED" CITY - GLASGOW or EDINBURGH?

Here is the next competition - MOST "LIKED" CITY - GLASGOW OR EDINBURGH? We want this to be fun so please feel free to enter into some fun banter whilst you're getting your friends to "Like" your respective pages. 

Let's get this settled once and for all and here's how we do it:

The City that reaches their target number of likes first will WIN A 25% DISCOUNT for everyone registered with their respective Great Deals site to be used on one deal of their choice in the 7 days immediately after the winning code is issued.

We have calculated the target number of likes based on a percentage of the current number on each page:
Glasgow - Currently 8359 x 50% Target = 12538
Edinburgh - Currently 4988 x 50% Target = 7482

We want to find out which city can add 50% of its existing "Likes" to the page quickest, which city has the best friends who will help them to victory?

We don't like too many rules; we do like fun and things being done in the spirit they are intended but, here are the basics:
  • The first city to reach it's target number of "Likes" on the page will be the winner
  • Everybody REGISTERED with the winning city's web site will get a 25% Discount Code. IMPORTANT NOTE:  The discount code will only be issued by email so, you need to be registered with Glasgow's Great Deal or Edinburgh's Great Deal - To register for your city please CLICK HERE
  • The 25% Discount Code can be used once to buy any deal offered on the winning city's site in the 7 days following the issue of the code.
If you want to get off to a good start, you can use the share buttons below to tell your online community about the competition!

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  1. How can we use the code in the days preceding its issue?? Surely you mean in the days following it? :p x

  2. Ah, our mistake, thank you for pointing that out to us, we have amended it now.